How to Qualify

Poetic Pathos Youth Slam

Rules and Qualifications

Poetic Pathos Youth Slam is the sole organization that represents Fayetteville, NC and the Cumberland County area at Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival, as well as other state or national competitions and venues.  In order to participate in the organization each year, the following initial qualifications must be met: 

1)      Be at least 13 years-old and no older than 19 years-old by July 28th of each year.

2)      Live within a two hour driving distance of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

3)      Pay or raise $100 within 90 days of the competition year (Begins September 15th) or within 90 days of joining Poetic Pathos (Must join by February 1st).

Once participants meet the initial requirements, poets will then work towards earning points that could allow them to compete in the Poetic Pathos Grand Slam Competition that takes place at the end of March each year.  This competition will determine who attends Brave New Voices in July.  The top ten poets with the most points will be given the chance to compete in the Grand Slam.  The top ten with the most points is determined by March 15th. The remaining two spots of the competition will be chosen by the Poetic Pathos coaches. All participants must have at least 12 points and have participated in at least one of the monthly slams.

The top six poets of the Grand Slam competition will have the chance to compete at BNV.  The seventh place poet will be designated as an alternate and entourage.  There is a true entourage status, which will be given to the poet with the most points who doesn’t want to compete at all (This is for managers and Poetic Pathos members who don’t want to compete at all, but want to experience the festival).  All attending BNV are expected to fundraise/pay a certain amount of money as determined by the directors, and are expected to attend practices each week up until we leave for the festival.

The following are ways to earn points in order to compete in the Grand Slam or raise the most points for the true entourage spot:

*  Poets must earn at least one point from at least three of the four categories, as well as earn at least 16 points. *

1)      Poetic Pathos Slam Points (from the monthly slams starting in October, Poets need 4 points minimum from this category)

  • 1st Place- 5 points
  • 2nd Place- 4 points
  • 3rd Place- 3 points
  • 4th Place- 2 points
  • 5th Place- 1 point
  • >5th- .5 points

2)      Workshops (Limit of 4 points from this category)*

  • Full Workshop- 1 point
  • < 75% of the Workshop- .5 point

3)      Fundraising (No limits)

  • Fundraising Event- 1 point per hour
  • Various fundraising- 2 points per $50

4)      Cultural/Community Event (Limit of 4 points from this category)*

  • Attend a local open mic, workshop, or art event- 1 point
  • Attend a spoken word artist performance by artist- 1 point
  • Attend a local social justice event- 1 point

*Until it is safe, virtual meetings are the only option for these choices.