Fayetteville’s Future of Poetry

55F21868-A244-4A75-8708-5D160D8254A0 2Welcome to Poetic Pathos Youth Slam’s Official Website!  We are a nonprofit organization focusing on spreading the power and love of poetry to the youth of Cumberland County and the surrounding areas.  We aim to give teenagers a voice in the community through spoken word, where teens participate in workshops, open mics, showcase performances, and slam poetry competitions.  Members compete annually at Youth Speaks’ Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival.

If you are a youth poet age 13-19 (can’t turn 20 before July 28), you are welcome to join and participate. Email us at info@poetpathos.org for more information on how to participate in our workshops, slams, and other events. Whether you are looking to grow as a poet, compete in slams, or find a home in our amazing community, Poetic Pathos welcomes you.

A Member of the BNV Network

Our Sponsors:

Contact us as info@poetpathos.org and check out our Donate page if you’re interested in being one of our 2021 sponsors. All donations and sponsorships go to helping our nonprofit organization run and for the poets to attend events.