Writing Prompts

Are you a poet looking for some practice? Check out a list of some writing prompts. The list will be updated as the ideas come, so keep checking back! (Last updated on January 24, 2021)

  1. Write a letter to a historical figure and discuss an issue or topic that was important to them but focusing on that said issue as it is today.
  2. Write a poem speaking about yourself in third person, taking us through a “day in the life”.
  3. Pick a childhood character and write a poem using the character as a metaphor for a social issue.
  4. Consider how you are feeling at the moment and pick a color. Write a poem expressing your feelings while incorporating imagery that reflects that color.
  5. Choose someone in your life and write a poem where you make amends for an issue you had with them. Include at least three variations of tone.
  6. Choose a music artist and write a response to one of their songs. Relate the song to something important to you.
  7. Write a poem describing your voice. Discuss every aspect of it and how you want to use it. Be sure to use imagery.
  8. Write an unconventional love poem to something not so obvious.
  9. Write a poem taking on the guise of a game show. Use the game show as a metaphor for a societal issue.